Amberquest Eimaer - "Lime"

9 weeks

10 weeks

6 months


Breeder: Amberquest Gundogs, Scott Mossop 

Sire: FTW Meadowsedge Ptarmigan

Dam: Amberquest Fern

I didn't realise that a Cocker Spaniel is an adventure. Now we've discovered this. 

In a few words I just can say that they are different, they have a different perceiption of space and they definitely have such an energy!!!


It's not easy when you are used to Labradors, but it's a lot of fun, it costs a lot of nervs but than you just fall in love with Cocker Spaniels.  And I love Lime for all her ideas and being so close to me, sometimes a chewing gum is more distant than her:)