16th March 2019 four beautiful pups were born

Finnish Working Champion

Aquila of Druid's Peak

Italian Field Trial Champion

Ally - Venus Melody

When Tiziano died I knew exactly that I wanted to proceed with his lines.

I had two options:

mate Anna once more by using Fargo or

using Ally with one of Anna’s offspring.


I decided to mate Ally because Fargo being in Scotland would not have been so easy to do.

All the breeding procedures that are necessary in Switzerland prescribed by the Swiss Kennel Club and the Swiss Retriever Club had been done. Her health values are perfect and now it was the Vet’s turn to tell when she was ready.

It came that beginning 2019 I sent Ally together with my friend to Finland, as I decided to use Aquila and combining Tiziano’s lines with Anna’s lines.


Everything went well, Ally didn’t seem to be in pups until the last days, amazing!!! Nobody would have said that she is pregnant, but the Eco did and the Vet saw 4 pups right from the beginning….


It came that on the 16th March 2019 four fantastic pups were born.


Ally gave birth to 2 dogs and 2 bitches.

Black Rose

Black Velvet

Black Jack

Black King


The second born bitch though was more dead than alive… but my partner didn’t give up and reanimated her for at least 20 minutes until this tiny little thing finally squeaked in his hands.


It was a heartbreaking experience, but at the end everything turned out to be fine and Juna, Black Velvet of Druid’s Peak, is with us and she is a very lovely young bitch!