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Asteroid Tracker  - "Fargo"


Breeder: Tiziano Cagnoni 

Sire: FTCH Jagdens Gander 

Dam: It FTCh Black Sand Basin


ED 0/0

Fargo is the sweetest male dog I have ever seen. He never had the typical male "attitudes" and he does not know, that he is that big. My heart broke when I took the decision to leave him stay with a fantastic family at Bowhill, Scottish Border, they go out every day to shoot, picking up and he is the one and only... He deserves this, more than everyone else as he had a hard time too after Tiziano passed away.  He was not "my" dog, though being very close to me, and after Cathy's accident I've decided to concentrate on the bitches, keep Fargo with us but not taking him into trials. But now, he gained so much more being with Alec and Jane, thanks to both and hope he will give you a lot of joy.

Fargo complete pedigree.JPG
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