Italian Field Trial Champion

Adrenaline of Druid's Peak - "Cathy"


Breeder: H: Jansky - Druid's Peak Labrador

Sire: FTCH Waterford Featherman 

Dam: Int FTCH Millershook Anna 

Unfortunately Cathy had a catastrofic accident at the end of August 2016. So we can say that 2016 was a very bad year. I lost my beloved partner due to an aggressiv cancer and Cathy lost her eye. She went under my car, I simply run her over.

It was a stress situation and she couldn't understand it, they all know to stay away from the car, which I just wanted to turn around, and she did not... And this is the worst thing that can happen to somebody who loves his dogs. It's not even comparable to a nightmare. But I can also say that this small tiny little bitch has a caracter that I've never immagined. Even the day after the accident she was keen on playing with some tennis balls, and who knows the hell of pain she had. The eye was removed after a few days, and after ten days she was out picking up in the Scottish Borders. She is so keen on working that this is the best remediation for her. After this we had a lot of trials, and she became third in the Italian Championship, which only due to a minor error avoided her getting the win. This would have been the first time in story winning in two years first the mother and the year after the daughter. But trials and judges .... better don't loose comments on that. I am very proud of her, she always applies what she learns in training, she is honest and giving always her best. And this is the most lovely attitude you can wish in a working dog.