Druid Peak - "Druid"

The name of my kennel comes from the wolf pack “Druid’s Peak pack” in Yellowstone National Park. My first working Labrador dog, called Druid Peak, I received him as a gift from my late partner, was an unique hunter and gave the name to my kennel.



Breeder: Tiziano Cagnoni 

Sire: Greenbriar Caffrey of Morayglen

Dam: Maccabees Yankee goes to Tuscany 

With Druid I tried to work,  on a serious basis for Field Trials, unfortunately this was not possible as Druid could not be trained. Nobody was able to. His strong character and his incredible instinct and ethic for hunting made him not usable for Trials. He brought me to consult the most famous and best trainers, in the UK and in Europe, and after 5 years of tough experiences and trying all kind of methods, I finally came to the conclusion that Field Trials were not for him. And in the moment I’ve cancelled tis pressure from him and me, we immediately started getting better and better in our relationship. And…he is a fantastic hunter, he knows where game is without searching for it. He just knows. This is fantastic and nobody until now was in the position to explain how this is possible, but it seems to be a miracle when a dog finds all the birds that the dogs in a trial did not find before…without searching for them.

Now he just enjoys picking ups a lot.

And….Druid is mor than a hunter, he is a very special dog, the recognized several tumors in other dogs and shows with sniffing where injuries are, in human and dogs.


FT 25/09/2010 -                           Banon - 2. ECC RCACIT + RCAC

BH 20/10/2012 -                          Melano - passed

DT Open 05/02/2011 -               Rivergaro - 2. or 3. Place

WT Open 06/03/2011                Sizzano3. Place

Team WT Open 28/05/2011 -  Molinella - 4. Place

WT Open 29/05/2011 -              Molinella - 8. Place